Only a week to go …

Next weekend we’re making our first recording, over three days at Hurstpierpoint Chapel, and it’s all very exciting.

Yesterday was our final rehearsal day, which went excellently according to Nick. I had to miss it as I’ve been struck down with suspected Norovirus – ugh. But we’d arranged for the fantastic Katie Vandyck to come along and take some photos, so I dragged myself out of bed for that! I couldn’t have contemplated any blogging yesterday, but after 18 hours in bed I’m feeling a tad more human.

So now we have lots of lovely pics… here’s a sneaky preview. Do check out Katie’s photography website and new design & marketing business 100 Designs – Nick and I have both been photographed by Katie before and it’s always a pleasure to be in the hands of a real pro.

The Lewes Singers
The Lewes Singers at St Michael’s Church, Lewes, February 2013. Photo: Katie Vandyck

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