Planning for the Christmas concert

The September concert went fabulously – a full audience, Briony was fantastic in ‘In the Beginning’, I managed to squeak out my ‘mouse’ solo without developing a frog in the throat, the singers gave their all. Loads of lovely compliments, such as ‘we won’t hear a better concert in this church for some time’… hopefully not too long, as we’re singing there again in December!

We raised over £200 for the church repairs and a similar amount for the Lewes Singers, which all goes back into paying for players, music hire, printing, promotion and all the rest. We don’t charge members subs nor do we have any grant funding, sponsorship or financial backing, so it’s down to us to keep ourselves going.

Which brings us to the next gig, Sunday 21st December at 6pm at St Michael’s Church, Lewes. So far, the plan is this:

Vivaldi Gloria, accompanied by strings led by Julia Bishop (wonderful violinist with Red Priest) and conducted by Nick Houghton on organ continuo…

A second half of lovely Christmas motets and carols, plus a surprise or two. All by candlelight and very atmospheric.

I’m also planning a special souvenir programme (it’s our tenth birthday this year and it would be nice to have something to mark it.)

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